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Rob Walker
Principal, Aviation

Rob Walker joined ICF in 2010 and has more than 10 years of direct aviation experience across a wide range of markets and projects. He is an experienced market forecaster in mature and emerging markets producing detailed bottom-up forecasts and longer term econometric-driven demand projections, which often involve airport systems with overlapping catchment areas.

Combining his airline and airport experience, Mr. Walker is an experienced master planner producing detailed traffic forecasts for design day modeling and providing air service marketing capabilities for airports. He regularly uses NetWorks—ICF's network planning model—to provide detailed market and airline traffic analysis for airlines in support of their network strategy and business plans.

Prior to joining ICF, Mr. Walker worked at British Airways and Virgin Atlantic in a variety of commercial positions, including sales and marketing, revenue management, strategy, and network planning. Working closely with other areas, including government and legal affairs and economic forecasting, he has been involved in shaping strategy for work related to growth, mergers, and fleet plans and ensuring sales targets are met.

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