About ICF

Jon Walker

Managing Director, Geospatial Development
Jon is a software engineer and geospatial development expert with more than 10 years of experience solving complex data challenges.

Jon is a versatile project manager and team leader focused on climate resilience, conservation planning, transportation planning, disaster recovery, electric vehicle siting, and more. He has over a decade of experience supporting planning needs throughout the country—providing solutions in automated analysis with impactful visualization that includes web maps, dashboards, and custom-built applications.

Jon excels in geospatial data modeling and automation, ground and aerial field surveys, and project workflow applications. He is passionate about driving technology growth, promoting data-driven decision making, and leading teams of software engineers, data modelers, and designers to convert client needs into actionable decision-support tools.

Jon is the product owner of ICF Waypoint™, a technology acceleration platform that produces award-winning applications for data visualization and reporting, serving more than 80 clients throughout the country. He brings new technology services to our clients—including fire behavior modeling, drone technology, and construction compliance tracking—and has earned awards for innovative technologies. Those projects included new web applications for transmission line routing through the western states, automated site constraint analysis and reporting in Puerto Rico, habitat conservation reporting for the Upper Santa Ana River, climate change habitat modeling for the City of Portland, and growth of a new technology practice.

  • M.S., Sustainability Management and Information Systems, University of Washington
  • B.S., Mathematics, Philosophy, University of Oregon
  • sUAS (Drone) Commercial Pilot