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Veronika Vasileva
Senior Consultant - Migration and Security

Veronika’s main research focus is migration and security. She has managed and coordinated a range of large-scale research assignments commissioned by public policy clients, such as the European Commission, international organisations and the UK government.

Since 2012, Veronika is a core team member of the Service Provider team to the European Migration Network and has led and contributed to a range of EMN studies and other written materials for the EMN on legal migration. Notably, Veronika led the EMN Study “Determining labour shortages and the need for migration labour”. She has also drafted the sections synthesising national policy developments in the area of labour migration and integration for the Annual Policy Report on Immigration and Asylum for 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Furthermore, Veronika has solid evaluation experience having worked on a number of policy and programme evaluations. Veronika also has a strong background in developing evaluation methodologies and data collection tools; primary and secondary data collection and analysis; undertaking fieldwork and stakeholder interviews and preparing case studies and country reports.

Insights by Veronika Vasileva