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Arun Varghese
Director, Health Data Analytics

Arun Varghese has more than 15 years of experience in environmental modeling, environmental statistics, predictive analytics, data mining, regulatory support, and economic cost-benefit analyses.

Mr. Varghese has served as technical lead on deterministic and probabilistic ecological risk assessments, human health risk assessments, environmental fate and transport modeling, computational toxicology, statistical analyses of environmental data, water quality standards development support, environmental sampling design, and miscellaneous statistical and regulatory support to U.S. regulatory agencies. His work has included performing complex quantitative analyses involving the application of advanced techniques from the rapidly evolving landscape of analytics and data mining algorithms.

Mr. Varghese recently led the development of a standalone desktop application aimed at making accessible to nontechnical users complex natural language processing and machine learning-based algorithms designed to automatically classify and cluster large volumes of toxicological abstracts.

Insights by Arun Varghese