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D.M. Stoneman
Senior Manager, Program Implementation

D.M Stoneman is an energy efficiency professional who specializes in demand-side management (DSM) program management. Having led a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial programs over his professional career, he demonstrates the ability to achieve targets on budget and meet the needs of the market for programs across Canada.

D.M. recently managed ICF’s Alberta portfolio, including the Business Energy Savings (BES) Program. This has included managing the program design, application processing, account management, marketing, and check processing for the brand new program. While at the helm, D.M. has met or exceeded his savings targets while keeping the budget on target.  His involvement with programs brings an experienced hand who can deliver consistent results, drive innovation, and navigate a changing landscape.

In addition to Energy Efficiency Alberta, he has successfully managed efficiency programs for Efficiency Nova Scotia, Alberta Climate Change Office, City of Edmonton, and ATCOenergy. D.M. sits as an active board member of the Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance.