Michael Sloan
Managing Director & Principal

Michael Sloan has more than 30 years of experience in the energy field. He provides a wide variety of market trend analysis and demand forecasting services to the propane industry, including U.S. propane supply outlook; propane demand assessments at the national, state, and county levels; and market trend analyses on issues related to use per customer, new construction market share, and propane competition with alternative fuels in different end-uses and regions. As part of his propane supply analysis, Mr. Sloan tracks and projects a variety of supply trends impacting propane supply, including natural gas liquids (NGL) production, refinery activity, propane imports and exports, and propylene demand and production trends. He also provides regulatory and market analysis services to the natural gas industry, including market assessments, gas supply planning services, and natural gas storage valuation.

Mr. Sloan is a frequent speaker at natural gas and propane conferences and association board meetings. He has testified on a variety of issues related to propane market economics and pricing practices, natural gas storage market power, pipeline facility expansion economics, natural gas storage economics and landowner issues, and natural gas market liquidity.