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Matt Silverman

Senior Partner, Integrated Communications
Matt is an expert in corporate communications with more than 20 years of experience.
ICF’s global marketing services agency focuses on helping your organization find opportunity in disruption.
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As senior partner, Matt is an admired leader in our integrated communications line of business. He is an accomplished corporate communications and marketing executive who advises CCOs and CMOs on how to better navigate complex business environments. Matt proactively manages corporate reputations, builds brands, and drives business goals. He is a problem solver who assesses and synthesizes complex situations, anticipates challenges, and guides teams to success.

Matt’s expertise includes holistic communication strategy, employee communication and engagement, corporate communications and marketing, and brand strategy. He is also an expert in reputation management, corporate positioning, strategic planning, advertising, content marketing, and fully integrated campaigns. His work with Fortune 500 companies spans a wide range of industries, including healthcare, technology, finance, energy, and telecommunications.

Matt has written a reputation management column for Business Journal and taught public relations classes at Grand Canyon University.

"You will be judged most not by your mistakes but by how well you respond to them."
  • B.S., Syracuse University