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Ken Seaton

Partner, Loyalty and Customer Marketing
Ken is an expert in building and fostering customer relationships with more than 20 years of experience.
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Ken is a passionate marketing leader with extensive experience in multi-channel customer loyalty, customer engagement, and customer activation. He creates customer-centric marketing strategies grounded in data and customer wants, needs, and drivers.

Ken recognizes that customers are humans and individuals; as such, they must be engaged with on their terms, in their ways, and based on their needs. His experience spans numerous industry verticals including travel/hospitality, retail, and consumer packaged goods. He is proficient in customer loyalty, customer advocacy, customer relationship management, brand building, experiential marketing, and customer friction reduction.

"Regardless of industry, all companies are ultimately in the business of getting, keeping, and satisfying customers. Companies who recognize and practice this approach are well positioned to recognize long term and sustainable success."