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Ruth Santos-Brien
Program Director, Public Policy

Ruth has 16 years of experience in technical assistance, research and evaluation in the areas of employment and social affairs, education, equality and diversity. Ruth has extensive experience on programme design, management and evaluation of a number of national and European initiatives.

In addition to her research and evaluation experience, Ruth has developed a strong track record in the provision of mutual learning support for European and International organisations.

Since 2008, she has played a key role in the Mutual Learning Programme (MLP) of the European Employment Strategy (DG EMPL) supporting and coordinating activities to foster learning between the Member States and at different levels of governance to assist progress towards meeting the goals of the European Employment Strategy and influence policy at the EU and Member State levels. The annual cycle of the MLP activities is closely aligned with the European Semester of the governance framework of the European Employment Strategy and directly supports the work of the Employment Committee (EMCO).

Ruth is an Advisory Board Member for the EU funded project EXCEPT, looking at social exclusion of young people.