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Bill Prindle
Vice President, Energy Efficiency

Bill Prindle joined ICF in 2008. He serves as the technical lead for ICF’s international energy efficiency services; in this capacity he has directed or provided senior technical advisory support for projects in Bangladesh, China, El Salvador, Ghana, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Mozambique, South Africa, Tajikistan, and Tanzania. From 2011 to 2017 he served as Senior Energy Efficiency Advisor for USAID’s Energy Efficiency for Clean Development Program (EECDP) global cooperative agreement. In this role he led ICF’s energy efficiency work for Associate Award projects to conduct Integrated Resource and Resilience Planning (IRRP) in Tanzania and Ghana, as well as integration of DSM best practices into new program development. His subject matter expertise ranges from policy analysis and energy analytics to program design and field implementation. He has more than 40 years of experience in the energy field, specializing in national and state policy development, utility-sector efficiency programs as well as building codes and appliance standards. His international work has included utility-sector potential studies and program design, regulatory policy analysis, building energy codes, and appliance labeling and standards. He has testified before legislative and regulatory bodies, served on numerous nonprofit organization boards, and made several major media appearances as an energy efficiency expert. He holds a Master’s degree in Energy Management and Policy from the University of Pennsylvania.

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