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Athena Maguire, M.S.
Fisheries Biologist
M.S. Marine biology, The influence of parasites on California’s cultured and wild shellfish. Sonoma State University, 2015.
B.S. Animal Physiology. Sonoma State University 2012.
Athena Maguire is a fisheries biologist who has spent the last 10 years studying the health of marine and estuarine fisheries in California. She has a Master’s of science in marine biology from Sonoma State University, where studied the lower trophic level ecology of sandy beaches and kelp forest ecosystems for management purposes.  Athena was also a scientific aide with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, where she was involved in biological dive operations and aquaculture health assessments of food fish.  Her most recent work focuses on examining factors that affect Delta Smelt, Longfin Smelt, and juvenile Chinook Salmon in the upper San Francisco Estuary as a collaborative effort between ICF, U.S. Fish and Wildlife service, and the California Department of Water Resources. Field-work for this effort includes sampling of estuarine water quality, plankton diversity, and fish abundance. In addition to her aquatic and marine skills, she has worked on construction monitoring and habitat assessments throughout the San Francisco Bay area. 
Selected Publications & Projects
Maguire, A. M. & L. Rogers-Bennett. 2013. An ectoparasitic snail (Evalea tenuisculpta) infects abalone in northern California. Calif. Fish Game 99 (2).