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Virginie Louis
Head of Public Relations, Media and Influencers Services

Virginie is ICF Next’s Head of Media and Stakeholder Relations. In this position, she leads the overall public relations and media strategy for ICF Next's clients in policy areas of Environment, Mobility and Transport, Climate Change, Regional Policies, Education, Health, Research and Innovation, Growth and Business. Designs communications strategies towards European media and stakeholders integrating in-house expertise including strategy and message development; strategic planning, engagement tactics, editorial support; design and creative services; multi-media material release/mailing distribution, media event organization, media buying; digital and video production; social media, interactive monitoring, measurement and reporting services.

Prior to joining ICF Next, Virginie has worked as a Senior Communications Officer at the Red Cross EU Office. During her time at the Red Cross EU Office, Virginie brought effective and fresh campaigning techniques to support humanitarian diplomacy efforts towards the EU by creating and distributing engaging digital content. She also enabled European campaigns for various European Commission clients as Production Director at the Digital Native Agency, Emakina. Virginie has also worked as a TV News producer and headed the Audiovisual News Service at the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Virginie holds a master’s degree in Journalism as well as a post master’s in international Humanitarian Aid. She is fluent in English, Dutch and Spanish next to her native French.