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Anna Krivelyova
Principal, Economic Analysis

Anna Krivelyova is an economist with expertise in evaluation, measurement, theoretical modeling, and econometric and statistical analysis. Ms. Krivelyova has extensive experience in economic valuation, collection and analysis of cost data for health studies, and design of cost data collection and analysis systems. She is an expert in a variety of econometric techniques, including factor analysis; regression; multinomial, ordered, and nested logistic models; survival analysis; fixed and random effects models; structural equations; Bayesian spatial analysis; and various semiparametric and nonparametric models. Articles by Ms. Krivelyova have been published in multiple academic journals, and she has conducted numerous conference presentations and trainings. Her native language is Russian, and she has a working knowledge of Italian. Ms. Krivelyova leads various international and domestic economic evaluation projects, including cost studies of HIV treatment and prevention activities in Africa and services and cost studies related to children’s mental health in the United States.