About ICF
Jerome Kisielewicz
Managing Consultant, Sustainable Finance
Jerome leads work in the field of European sustainable and positive impact finance, combining expertise in climate, renewable energy, and biodiversity finance.

Combining expertise in climate, renewable energy, and biodiversity finance, Jerome co-leads our work in the field of European sustainable and positive impact finance. Jerome ensures we adopt a comprehensive and integrated approach to sustainable finance. He designs, implements, and evaluates new policies and innovative financial instruments that leverage private finance for low carbon activities and nature-based solutions.

In recent years, Jerome advised the European Commission on the design and implementation of the Innovation Fund and Modernisation Fund, two critical funding instruments contributing to the European Green Deal’s objectives. He also collaborated with the Italian government to design its sustainable finance strategy for 2050. Jerome works with the European Commission to develop the EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities. In the past, he has also worked on the design of a new Blue Economy Investment Platform at the EU level and on the development of a guidebook for policymakers worldwide to create programs that support clean energy innovation.

Since 2015, Jerome has coordinated EU Business & Biodiversity Platform activities on behalf of the European Commission. Under Jerome’s leadership, this program evolved from a small-scale pilot project to a high-profile stakeholder forum engaged in all the leading initiatives linked to integrating nature considerations in business decision-making. The European Business & Nature Summit is a key example of the platform’s achievements over the years.

Jerome is also the first point of contact for our European climate policy work, managing our climate policy framework contract with the European Commission (DG Climate Action).

"The COVID-19 pandemic offers a unique opportunity to rethink our relationship with nature and people and move towards a more integrated society, not only accounting for financial costs and benefits but fully integrating natural and social capitals."
  • M.Sc., Ecological Economics, University of Edinburgh
  • Certified Expert, Climate and Renewable Energy Finance, Frankfurt School-UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance