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Dr. Robert Kay

Robert Kay has more than 25 years of experience in climate change impact assessment adaptation and coastal zone management. He is an invited keynote speaker, author and consultant to the UN. He has a unique background of management and policy experience combined with his technical background in climate change vulnerability impacts and adaptation assessment, geomorphology and coastal planning and management. His work focuses on helping both developed and developing countries to prepare for climate change impacts and guide cost-effective, equitable adaptive responses.

Dr. Kay has worked substantially for Multi-lateral organizations such as UNEP, UNDP, and UNFCCC as well as for development banks such as Asian Development Bank and the World Bank. In addition he has worked for private sector clients and for national, state/provincial and municipal levels of government. He has led projects in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, South America, and Africa. Dr. Kay is a contributor to PROVIA (Global Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation) and is on the Advisory Board of Green Planet Films.

Previously, he was Managing Director of Adaptive Futures and Coastal Zone Management. Dr. Kay has a Ph.D. in Environmental Science from the University of East Anglia and B.Sc. in Geology from Cardiff University and is an Adjunct Professor to Sustainability Research Centre, Sunshine Coast University, Australia. He has written over 120 papers, articles and consultancy reports.

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