The impact of electric vehicles on climate change

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By Fiona Wissell, Brittany Speetles, Matthew Townley, Deb Harris, and Stacy Noblet

The U.S. is not on track to achieve its climate goals. Achieving a net-zero economy by 2050 will require a nationwide transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and clean energy to power all the new EVs.

The ICF Climate Center offers this report to provide data-driven projections of likely EV adoption scenarios and actionable recommendations for public sector and utility leaders. Download the report to learn:  

  • Projections of EV adoption between 2020-2050
  • Greenhouse gas emission reductions under different EV adoption scenarios
  • Impact of EV charging on the electric grid
  • State policies that impact EV adoption
  • Equity considerations around EVs

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Explore insights on how to drive low-emission transitions and build resilience against the effects of climate change.
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Meet the authors
  1. Fiona Wissell, Decarbonization Consultant
  2. Brittany Speetles, Energy Markets Analyst
  3. Matthew Townley, Decarbonization Data Scientist
  4. Deb Harris, Senior Director, Climate Planning + ICF Climate Center Senior Fellow

    Deb is an expert in climate action, decarbonization planning, and stakeholder engagement for states, cities, counties, and utilities. View bio

  5. Stacy Noblet, Vice President, Transportation Electrification + ICF Climate Center

    Stacy is a transportation electrification expert supporting government and commercial clients with over 15 years’ experience. View bio