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Andrew Kalmbach
Senior Biologist, Environment

Andrew Kalmbach is a biologist with 10 years of field experience working with phytoplankton, zooplankton and fish in marine and aquatic environments.  His recent work includes collecting and analyzing lower trophic level samples for the Fall X2 Adaptive Management Plan, supporting the Skinner Evaluation and Improvement Study at Clifton Court Forebay, and conducting State Water Project and Central Valley Project salvage analyses.  Andrew’s previous work included monitoring dredge operations for herring spawn, studying the biogeochemistry of microbial mats in the Antarctic Dry Valleys, and observing commercial fishing operations in the north Atlantic Ocean. 

Andrew’s MSc. research entailed analysis of phytoplankton communities and carbon excretion rates in and around the Amazon River outflow, in order to evaluate the potential as a carbon sinks in the tropical Atlantic Ocean. Andrew has contributed to scientific publications, and has presented at local and national marine science conferences.

Selected Publications & Projects
Bezryadina, A. Hansson, T. Gautam, R. Wetzel, B. Siggins, G. Kalmbach, A. Lamstein, J. Gallardo, D. Carpenter, E.J. Ichimura, A. and Morandotti, R. 2017. Nonlinear self-action of light through biological suspensions. Physical review letters, 119(5), p.058101.
Conroy, B.J. Steinberg, D.K. Song, B. Kalmbach, A. Carpenter, E.J. and Foster, R.A. 2017. Mesozooplankton Graze on Cyanobacteria in the Amazon River Plume and Western Tropical North Atlantic. Frontiers in microbiology, 8, p.1436.
Kalmbach, A. Burns J. Rojas, L. Maniscalco, D. Grimaldo L. 2016. Rearing habitat of larval Pacific Herring (Clupea pallasii) in shallow open water and tidal marsh habitats of San Pablo Bay and the western Delta. 9th Biannual Bay-Delta Science Conference. Sacramento, Ca
Kalmbach, A. Grimaldo, L. Hassrick, J. 2017. Rearing Habitat of Pacific Herring in the San Pablo and Suisun Bays. 13th Biennial State of the Estuary Conference. Oakland, Ca.