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Dr. Cara Henning
Senior Technical Specialist

Cara Henning has six years of professional experience in exposure and risk assessment, air quality modeling, statistical modeling, and quantitative analysis. She has broad experience using and developing a wide range of exposure and risk modeling tools, including biokinetic and physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models (multiple models for exposure to lead, dioxin, cadmium, and perchlorate), dose-response models (BMDS), indoor air-quality models (MIASMA, designed by ICF; renovation rule indoor lead exposure model, designed by ICF), point source and area source emission models (SLAB and ALOHA), population exposure models (HAPEM and APEX), construction emission models (URBEMIS), and traffic emissions models (CALINE4). She has particular experience building model processing tools to facilitate running exposure and risk models in batch mode for applications such as probabilistic analysis or sensitivity analysis. Currently, she is assisting in the development of the cadmium IRIS documents and the dioxin reassessment. Dr. Henning's areas of expertise include physical modeling, statistical and probabilistic modeling, Fortran and VBA coding, database management, and data analysis.

Dr. Henning has a Ph.D. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science from Princeton University and a B.S. in Physics with Honors and Highest Distinction from the University of North Carolina.