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Samuel Engel
Senior Vice President

Samuel Engel leads ICF’s Aviation group, serving airlines, airports, aircraft finance, and aerospace & MRO. He is a recognized expert on airline economics and strategy and has developed a reputation for guiding organizations through complex issues that have roots in multiple different departments. His analyses for airlines, investors, and governments have supported multi-million dollar investments and litigation results, as well as decisions to pursue new business lines, routes, and aircraft purchases.

Samuel expertly leads full-scale restructuring and transformation engagements. He led the team advising the Government of Bahrain to turn around over five years of losses at the country’s national airline, Gulf Air. As part of this work, he built consensus among senior government officials to support a financing package, renegotiate aircraft purchase agreements, and address organizational efficiency. Samuel put in place interim executives and executive advisors that enabled the airline to halve losses within months and subsequently to reach break-even.

In another transformation assignment, Samuel designed and supported the operational integration plan for an airline that operates 400 aircraft across bases on five different continents. The objective of this plan was not only to reduce costs, but to build data-driven business structures that support safety, customer service, and scalable operations. For this client as for others, he has remained with the airline to ensure successful implementation of the plan.

Samuel holds an M.B.A. from Yale University and a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.

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