About ICF

Vincent Dufresne

Senior Manager, Canadian Advisory Services
Vincent is a utilities and energy industry specialist focusing on decarbonization and electrification, electricity and gas conservation, distributed energy resources, and sustainable transportation.

Vincent’s team researches innovative technology solutions, designing and planning energy demand management programs to reduce energy and environmental footprint. Splitting his time between Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, he uses his creativity, expertise, and project management skills to help clients across Canada, including governments, gas, and electric utilities.

Working with system operators, energy regulators, gas utilities, electric utilities, and governments gives Vincent a high degree of familiarity with energy markets. Before working for us, he consulted for multilateral organizations and utilities overseas.

Vincent is our go-to expert in cost-benefit analysis, given his proficiency with standard tests and new analysis techniques attached to non-wire alternative, non-pipe alternative, and local valuation of distributed energy resources. A native French speaker, Vincent is also fluent in Spanish.

  • M.A., Sustainable Energy Policy and Engineering, Carleton University
  • B.A., Mechanical Engineering, École Polytechnique de Montréal
  • P.Eng., Licensed Professional Engineer (Quebec)
  • CEM, Certified Energy Manager