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Brenda Dix
Senior Managing Consultant, Climate Resilience

Brenda Dix is a Manager at ICF in the New York City office. She focuses on assisting federal and local governments to mitigate their contributions to climate change and to understand and prepare for the impacts of climate change. Ms. Dix has over seven years of experience assessing infrastructure vulnerability to extreme weather and climate change. She originally conducted sea level rise vulnerability assessments for the San Francisco Bay Area transportation network while working as a long-range transportation planner in the region. Since joining ICF, Ms. Dix has continued assessing vulnerabilities and risk, and identifying policy-based and physical adaptation strategies for federal, state, and local agencies. One notable project includes the hazard mitigation cost effectiveness work she performed for SEPTA which assessed the social and economic impact of historic precipitation events on transit service in the greater Philadelphia region and demonstrated the cost effectiveness of implementing adaptation strategies. When developing adaptation strategies, Ms. Dix ensures that they are complimentary to existing practices, and that they are cost effective investments. Ms. Dix has experience managing projects; writing and preparing both technical and policy based documents; developing climate change vulnerability and adaptation reports; and preparing presentations and facilitating outreach/stakeholder engagement meetings.

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