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Brenda Dix
Senior Managing Consultant, Climate Resilience
Since 2010, Brenda Dix has been evaluating the physical impacts of climate change and extreme weather on infrastructure systems and developing comprehensive adaptation plans to address identified risks. She is an experienced project manager and excels at in-person and virtual facilitation and developing both outreach products and technical reports that translate the results of her work for use by a wide variety of audiences. 

Brenda previously worked as a long-range transportation planner at a metropolitan transportation organization, where she conducted the first sea level rise vulnerability assessment for the San Francisco Bay Area transportation network. 

Her recent projects include several for the Federal Highway Administration on integrating climate change resilience into the transportation project development process; systems management and operations; asset management planning; long range planning, and the use of nature-based solutions for coastal highway resilience. 

Brenda has also worked with over 70 subject matter experts to develop a comprehensive climate change vulnerability study for Consolidated Edison. This study provides useful climate science to Con Edison engineers, quantifies the range of potential impacts to the electric, gas, and steam sectors over the next 60+ years, and provides a concrete set of adaptation recommendations. 

In 2015, Brenda contributed to the development of a climate change adaptation plan for the City of Philadelphia. Since then, she has continued to work with the city on implementing the recommendations, including developing a flood mapping tool and a process for integrating climate change considerations into the capital planning process, and facilitating workshops on the development of municipal climate change design guidelines. 
Brenda has an M.S. and a B.S. from the University of California, Berkeley in civil engineering. 

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