About ICF
Elizabeth Diller
Principal, Environment and Planning
Elizabeth has over two decades of experience partnering with clients to provide National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance strategies.

Elizabeth has over two decades of experience guiding a range of projects through the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. She is an expert on NEPA implementation and related requirements. Elizabeth has managed NEPA documents for numerous federal agencies and has a proven ability to direct teams of resource specialists to provide thorough, defensible analyses under compressed schedules.

Elizabeth is our Offshore Wind Program director. She oversees our offshore wind environmental projects, including three Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) third-party environmental impact statements and our NEPA Blanket Purchase Agreement with BOEM. She has an in-depth knowledge of BOEM’s environmental review process for offshore wind energy projects and the industry in the United States.

Elizabeth has been working with the Surface Transportation Board for over 15 years, overseeing many of our third-party contracts with private applicants who require the preparation of NEPA documents. Many of these projects have been large and complex, involving multiple cooperating agencies and high levels of controversy.

Elizabeth provides advice and NEPA compliance strategies for various clients within the offshore, transportation, and other industries. She has a solid understanding of new requirements and guidance affecting NEPA compliance, with clients often seeking her advice on these matters.

Elizabeth is conversant in NEPA streamlining, including Department of Interior Secretarial Order 3355, One Federal Decision, and Title 41 of Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act. Additionally, she has prepared and led environmental training seminars that address NEPA implementation and the full range of environmental impact review requirements.