Dr. Robin Davis
Senior Director of Research Science

Dr. Robin Davis is a senior director of research science at ICF with over 15 years’ experience in research and evaluation. Dr. Davis’ expertise lies in the fields of criminal justice, justice system policy, public opinion research on corrections, juvenile justice, and behavioral health. She currently leads projects about behavioral treatment courts and building evaluation capacity for the Native Connections initiative, and her past work includes topics such as court video technology, juvenile transfer, public opinion on the juvenile court system, bullying, and violence prevention programs with tribal populations. She is adept in the design, testing, and implementation of survey research including the development and administration of large scale Web-based surveys and text message surveys.

Dr. Davis also has extensive experience working with American Indian and Alaska Native community members and tribal organizations and has designed and tested data collection tools that meet the needs of tribal communities and their members. Dr. Davis regularly conducts trainings, facilitates meetings, and teaches courses on research methods and criminal justice. She holds a master’s degree in criminal justice and a PhD in public affairs.

Insights by Dr. Robin Davis