Gurpreet Chugh
Senior Consulting Director, Renewable Energy

Gurpreet is the Managing Director in India, and manages ICF's portfolio of consulting business in the country and region. With close to 17 years of professional experience in global energy sector, he has demonstrated capabilities in program management, energy planning and modelling, and strategic business planning and policy advocacy. Much of Gurpreet’s project experience is focused on consulting, industry and investment.

In 2017 – 2018, Gurpreet successfully supported six state Governments (Assam, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra) in launching very comprehensive open-source energy sector models. Supported by the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office), this led to increased awareness among these states on the advantages of analytics based policymaking in the Energy Sector.

He also recently supported the World Bank and SECI (Solar Energy Corporation of India Ltd) in their first energy storage project in India by establishing the feasibility of a 160 MW wind-solar hybrid with energy storage in Andhra Pradesh.

Gurpreet has also been deeply involved in the natural gas sector and recently supported the FCO in a project with MoPNG (Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas) on Accelerating gas share in energy mix in India. ICF along with partners conducted a first-of-its-kind comprehensive gas stakeholders survey to identify the biggest issues constraining the growth of gas in India’s energy mix. ICF also recommended some innovative business and regulatory models to support development of the gas market in the country.

Insights by Gurpreet Chugh