About ICF

Cassandra Bhat

Director, Climate Resilience
Cassie helps clients become more resilient to changing climate and weather risks with more than 10 years of experience.

Cassie helps governments and organizations improve their resilience to climate risks. With over a decade of experience, she develops climate vulnerability assessment techniques and adaptation strategies that feed directly into core decision-making processes. This enables clients to incorporate climate resilience into their day-to-day operations and ultimately manage climate risks internally.

Some of Cassie’s most innovative projects center around infrastructure, transportation systems, and community impact. In her role, she created the industry-standard transportation vulnerability assessment tools for the United States Department of Transportation. She also conducted a first-of-its-kind climate risk assessment for the province of British Columbia and led a groundbreaking analysis of the business case for resilience investments in Miami Beach, Florida.

Cassie is a member of the Transportation Research Board Standing Committee on the Transportation Needs of National Parks and Public Lands and a friend of the Transportation Research Board Special Task Force on Climate Change and Energy.

She graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Environmental Science and Public Policy.