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Cassandra Bhat
Senior Managing Consultant, Climate Resilience

Cassie Bhat is a Manager on ICF’s Climate Adaptation and Resilience team. She specializes in infrastructure resilience, in particular vulnerability assessment methodologies, adaptation planning, and decision-support tool development. For example, Cassie led the development of a suite of adaptation tools for transportation agencies under the U.S. DOT’s Gulf Coast Study, including the Vulnerability Assessment Scoring Tool (VAST) and the CMIP Climate Data Processing Tool. Over her career, she has conducted several climate vulnerability and risk assessments, including for the City of Philadelphia; transportation infrastructure in Mobile, Alabama; a regional rail line of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA); the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO); the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; and agricultural commodities. She has also developed numerous resources to help build capacity for resilience within state and local organizations, such as guidance for integration of climate change into capital planning in Philadelphia and in transportation system management and operations for the Federal Highway Administration.

Cassie is a member of the TRB Standing Committee on Transportation Needs of National Parks and Public Lands, the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) Community Resilience Panel Transportation Committee, and a Friend of the TRB Special Task Force on Climate Change and Energy. She holds a BA in Environmental Science and Public Policy from Harvard University.

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