About ICF

Linda Benoit

Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator, Region VII Head Start
Linda is an expert in early childhood education and early childhood special education with more than 35 years of experience.

In her current role, Linda uses her experience in local education agencies, private non-profit organizations, and state and federal level systems to create high-quality Training and Technical Assistance systems for Region VII Head Start.

Linda is one of the original developers of the Region VII Management Acceleration Program and made significant contributions to developing a Risk Assessment Management Toolkit, New Directors Guide, and other specific support for Region VII grantees. She has also supported systems and procedural development within the Region VII Head Start office.

Previously, Linda worked with local education agencies, special education cooperatives, state Departments of Education, state Departments of Health and Human Services, and the Region VII Head Start office.

"Everybody has a story. There are too many children who are told “you can't,” “you're not good enough,” who are called names, ignored, or put down, bullied, etc. Nothing pleases me more than seeing those same children find their inner strength and take advantage of obscure opportunities; they fight to grow and learn and overcome obstacles and become highly successful members of society. Listen to those stories – really listen so you can hear - and you might just learn something that will help you grow."
  • Ed., Special Education (Early Childhood Education), Kansas State University
  • B.S., Human Ecology (Early Childhood Education), Kansas State University