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NYSDOT 511NY Rideshare

More commuters, less traffic
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More commuters, less traffic


commuters connected

12,100 tons

of CO2 emissions reduced

3.7 million

single-occupancy vehicles off the road




511 Rideshare infographic

When too many people drive alone, it increases traffic congestion and adds to air pollution. New York State Department of Transportation officials wanted to reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles causing road congestion, and selected ICF to help them do it. We reached out to businesses and the millions of daily commuters statewide with visually compelling infographics and videos from 511NY Rideshare, a program that helps people find carpool partners, plan a trip using public transportation, and improve their commute.

511NY rideshare infographic

We positioned 511NY RideShare as a solution that makes sense economically, environmentally, and personally. In the end, over 70,000 commuters signed up for carpools to save extra money, time, and precious air quality.