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Applied Research and Monitoring

Using the latest fisheries technology, we monitor, design and implement studies that help you answer critical water management questions about movement, life history, abundance, and distribution of fishes and invertebrates in freshwater, estuarine, and marine habitats.

data visualization

Data Visualization and Database Management

Communicating to stakeholders is of utmost importance to managers and policy makers who need to make tough decisions. We offer innovative web-based tools for clients looking to provide attractive, user-friendly interfaces for data dissemination and better communication.

scientist tagging fish


We apply various fish tracking technologies such as Passive Integrative Transponder (PIT) and Juvenile Salmon Acoustic telemetry Systems (JSATS) to help you understand behavior and movements of fish in riverine and estuarine environments with novel approaches to tagging small forage fish.

endangered fish in a glass

Endangered Species Act Compliance

Working hand-in-hand with our regulatory and planning experts, our experts ensure that even the most challenging permitting projects, including all monitoring and mitigation requirements, meet your client needs and avoid compliance headaches.

salmon swimming

Hatchery and Aquaculture Assessment

We support your team with proprietary risk assessment models such as the All-Hatchery-Analyzer (AHA), a hatchery assessment of salmon in the Pacific Northwest, and OMEGA, which analyzes emerging aquaculture in U.S. coastal areas.

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Ecosystem Modeling

We work with you to fortify your conservation and restoration efforts with our revolutionary ecosystem assessment models. Using key life history parameters, these models can describe habitat quality and quantity from the perspective of focal species.

view of fish passage area

Fish Passage

Our experts can resolve some of the most pressing fish passage issues through extensive bridge replacement projects and instream flow assessments. Our team is particularly experienced in developing models to assess fish survival and we excel in developing monitoring and assessment plans to ensure fish passage structures operate according to design criteria.


Our team can help you identify a wide range of invertebrates and ichthyoplankton (larval fish) from estuarine, riverine, lake, and marine environments. Our team has specialized experience in phytoplankton (including harmful algae), zooplankton, macrocrustaceans, and larval fish from the San Francisco Estuary.