Insurance and risk management services

Helping states and local agencies plan for the unexpected.

Natural disasters, threats, and hazards are an unfortunate part of life. We help states, local agencies, and other organizations plan for the unexpected by providing tailored insurance and risk management services.

Insurance plays a key role in recovery—for states, local governments, school districts, utilities, hospitals, and other organizations—after a federally declared disaster. Our services help you understand your organization’s insurance coverage. This is vital to ensure FEMA policies are followed, including the requirement to “obtain and maintain” insurance from an earlier disaster.

To assess risk, we look at what could happen. The “what” can include disasters, threats, and other hazards—such as a pandemic—that may lead to a loss of revenue, difficulty retaining employees, and supply chain impacts. Once we’ve identified the risks specific to your organization, we work closely with you to determine the probability of occurrence.

Review of existing risk program

We evaluate past risk events and offer solutions to manage existing ones. Our team will provide a detailed review of your organization’s insurance policy, claims details (i.e., general and property liability, how much has been paid out, what caused losses), and applicable insurance statutes. We explain insurance and risk management in plain terms and answer big questions to assess risk levels:

  • What can happen?
  • How likely is it to happen?
  • What are the consequences if it does happen?
Risk identification before a disaster

We facilitate tabletop exercises with leaders and stakeholders to better understand your organization and operations, identify and examine vulnerabilities, and analyze critical supply chains. Our team will find out where you want to be in five, ten years so that your organization is well-positioned to recover from a natural disaster and receive maximum federal funding.

Risk mitigation incentives before a disaster

We work with your organizational leaders, risk team, and others to identify incentives and make decisions to help protect your assets before a disaster. This could include pre-positioned contracts with vendors to manage immediate disaster-related repairs, such as removal of debris, water, and mud. You’ll benefit from insurance savings, faster recovery after a disaster, and access to funding.

Business continuity of operations services

We help plan how you’ll get back to business after a disaster. We also offer a range of post-disaster support services. This allows you to continue to operate after a disaster with minimal downtime and financial loss.

Disaster management services


Program design

Program management

  • Communications and outreach
  • Environmental reviews and historic preservation
  • Intake and eligibility determination
  • Project formulation
  • Grants and case management
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Strategies for combining federal recovery sources
  • Relocation services
  • Reporting and analytics 
  • Compliance and monitoring
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