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Where We Are

With a global footprint of resources, decades of experience, and multidisciplinary teams of expert advisors, ICF delivers trusted solutions that make big things possible for clients around the world.

Just as every project is a challenge, each is also an opportunity for the teams at ICF to utilize their experience, skills and insights to deliver innovative solutions. Our approach crosses borders and cultures, limited only by our drive for innovative ideas dedicated to long-term results.

Combining specialists from multiple disciplines and applying decades of successful projects focused on critical issues, ICF delivers advisory and implementation support to clients throughout the Western Hemisphere.

We draw from the strength of our integrated teams and global resources to address challenges in almost any industry. In every place we work and for every organization, ICF works to confirm the success of our clients' most important initiatives.

In the United States, where our largest office is located, we’ve become trusted associates, helping government agencies, nonprofits, and corporations recognize new opportunities with ideas that exceed initial expectations in rapidly evolving and global industries such as energy, healthcare, and aviation.

As Canada's energy sector continues to expand, so does the number of regulatory, investment, and production issues. ICF solutions have built the foundation for sustained growth through comprehensive planning in technology and capital investments.

Across the continent, ICF plays an active role guiding airport investment and infrastructure development projects and provides well-tested advice to clients working in commercial aviation and tourism.

ICF responds to today’s most complex, multidimensional problems by providing end-to-end solutions based on vast experience and diligent insight. ICF serves clients in Europe through permanent offices in Belgium and the UK and a network that stretches across the continent.

Answers to Current and Future Challenges

Our experience crosses disciplines as well as borders, with extensive knowledge of European and UK policies, business environments, and collaborative opportunities. ICF’s multidisciplinary teams of specialists bring decades of experience with large, multi-level projects to help public- and private-sector organizations across Europe have a significant impact.

Comprehensive Support for EU, UK, and Pan-European Organizations

With more than 20 nationalities in our European team, ICF contributes breadth and depth to European Union (EU) assignments that require research and analysis. These services cover evaluating EU policies and legislation, followed up by every phase of implementation of customized program delivery. Our Brussels-based strategic communications practice specializes in helping European Commission (EC), European Parliament, and other institutions of the EU increase awareness of their policies and programs and achieve ambitious results. Whether it's media relations, event organization, audio-visual production, printed materials, or websites, we offer vital capabilities to produce multilingual, multicultural content for all member states.

Aviation Industry Leadership

Across Europe, our aviation specialists help clients throughout the industry navigate a dramatically evolving marketplace and capitalize on new technology and global opportunities. We assist airport stakeholders with privatization and commercialization initiatives and airlines with restructuring, safety, operations, network planning, revenue management, and strategic alliances. For maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) and aerospace companies, we offer insights on business strategy. ICF helps support the vision of aviation industry investors through precision forecasting and due diligence support.

Throughout Africa and the Middle East, ICF provides on-the-ground experience supported by cultural, linguistic, and demographic contexts for each client and region. This culturally sensitive approach allows us to deliver research, analysis, and implementation support to help clients build sustainable, effective health systems, urban environments, and transportation networks.

Strengthening Healthcare

Across Africa, ICF works with international development organizations to build national capacity for healthcare delivery and plan for and measure the transition of health projects to local ownership. We apply insights learned from projects such as our 30-year Demographic Health Survey initiative, the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), and the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI).

Our work in Africa includes:

  • Household and health facility surveys to assess food security and the quality of maternal and child health care across Africa
  • Program evaluation of efforts to strengthen regional public health laboratories in East Africa and malaria programs throughout sub-Saharan Africa
  • Monitoring and evaluation capacity building in multiple countries, including Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mali, South Africa, and Zambia
  • The strengthening of information systems, including community-based health information systems in Kenya and Mali
  • Projects for local empowerment, such as a learning and practice network that supports healthcare programs in Mozambique and Sierra Leone
  • Cost analysis of national nutrition plans and HIV-related initiatives, such as antiretroviral therapy, testing and counseling, and programs that work to prevent mother-to-child transmission, throughout Africa

Reinforcing Vital Infrastructure

With the world’s leading practice in climate change adaptation, ICF helps clients across the region understand and plan for practical climate change-driven developments. Working with the World Bank and the Millennium Challenge Corporation, we have helped leaders in Africa’s poorest nations assess impacts and risk management options in areas such as agriculture, water, and road infrastructure.

Guiding Transportation Strategy and Investment

ICF’s aviation experts provide a wide range of essential services to clients in the region, assisting:

  • Gulf State carriers with competitive strategy
  • Maintenance, repair, and overhaul firms with business planning
  • Private investors with fleet management and due diligence
  • Airports with facility, investment, and operating decisions
  • Aviation regulators with safety assessments and compliance strategies
  • International development organizations with assessments of national aviation assets

Our ports and logistics experts have provided master planning support, due diligence, and transaction advisory services for port projects in South and East Africa, guiding the implementation of environmental policy and mission control systems.

Across Asia and the Pacific, ICF helps government agencies, development organizations, and private-sector companies navigate energy and climate change issues, build sustainable livable cities, and meet the area’s growing needs as it continues to flourish.

Managing Energy Use, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Climate Change Impacts

With the world's largest integrated energy management and climate change mitigation and adaptation practice, our specialists manage and reduce energy and costs, evaluate the vulnerability of infrastructure investments, manage risks related to climate change, and develop carbon strategies and renewable energy projects. Our innovative solutions are built on long-term sustainability, strengthening local capacity, and supporting stable economic growth.

Shaping Aviation, Transportation, and Shipping Systems

Our teams have helped interconnect the continent’s major cities and markets for some of the largest mass transit projects affecting shipping ports, logistics, and commerce. ICF’s advisors back each client’s goals, from evaluation to implementation, with master planning and transaction advisory services, as well as guidance with waterfront redevelopment, environmental permitting, and regulatory issues.

ICF’s skilled aviation experts assist airports with competitiveness strategies and national airlines with fleet and network planning, revenue management, and day-to-day operations. Backed by extensive experience in all aspects of aviation and aerospace, our teams respond to some of the most complex situations with guidance that government agencies such as the Civil Aviation Administration of China can count on to manage and improve the region's regulations and infrastructure.