ICF in Asia and the Pacific

Our services

ICF delivers a full range of services to support energy and climate change strategy, urban development, and aviation and maritime commerce and infrastructure. In addition, across industries, we provide clients with end-to-end interactive solutions across every channel: web, social, mobile, digital spaces, and emerging platforms.

Managing energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change impacts

With the world's largest integrated energy management and climate change mitigation and adaptation practice, our specialists manage and reduce energy and costs, evaluate the vulnerability of infrastructure investments, manage risks related to climate change, and develop carbon strategies and renewable energy projects. Our innovative solutions are built on long-term sustainability, strengthening local capacity, and supporting stable economic growth.

Shaping aviation, transportation, and shipping systems

Our teams have helped interconnect the continent’s major cities and markets for some of the largest mass transit projects affecting shipping ports, logistics, and commerce. ICF’s advisors back each client’s goals, from evaluation to implementation, with master planning and transaction advisory services, as well as guidance with waterfront redevelopment, environmental permitting, and regulatory issues.

ICF’s skilled aviation experts assist airports with competitiveness strategies and national airlines with fleet and network planning, revenue management, and day-to-day operations. Backed by extensive experience in all aspects of aviation and aerospace, our teams respond to some of the most complex situations with guidance that government agencies such as the Civil Aviation Administration of China can count on to manage and improve the region's regulations and infrastructure.

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