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Organizational Development

ICF uses research, analysis, and extensive subject matter expertise to help clients promote effective organizational development based on sound measurement and a disciplined approach to improvement.

ICF’s organizational development teams analyze, test, and strengthen initiatives aimed at correcting deficiencies and enhancing strengths. We apply scientific approaches to evaluating and improving organizational performance at individual, departmental, and enterprise levels.

Our analytics provide keen insight into what’s happening in an organization and what needs to happen next to drive organizational success. ICF’s metric-based organizational development systems enable clients to:

  • Gauge organizational maturity and effectiveness
  • Design tailored interventions
  • Quantify performance
  • Identify underlying causes of problems
  • Streamline human resources systems
  • Translate training programs to bottom-line results
  • Benchmark performance against comparable organizations

ICF helps leaders navigate periods of organizational change by addressing procedural and cultural issues. We work with clients to align business processes, resources, and people to support new initiatives and significant transitions. 

In the ongoing quest for high-performing talent, ICF helps clients identify current and projected workforce gaps and develop strategies to address them. We know what motivates today’s workforce and how to connect the dots between employee skill sets and strategic business goals.