Are self-connections ready to enter the mainstream?

Are self-connections ready to enter the mainstream?

With more passengers forming their own flight connections than ever before, airlines and airports alike are taking notice. To avoid missed flights and baggage issues, all stakeholders are starting to collaborate—even with the competition. In this white paper, leading airports expert Kata Cserep breaks down the challenges and opportunities of self-connections in the travel industry. You will learn:

  • The size and growth rate of self-connection worldwide
  • How it is changing the industry
  • Issues (and potential revenue streams) for airports, airlines, and online travel booking tools
  • What to expect next as the trend develops
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Meet the author
  1. Kata Cserep, Vice President and Global Managing Director, Aviation

    Kata is a leading expert in global aviation, serving clients in government, the private sector, the investment community, and industry associations. View bio