Electric aviation commercialization—regulation and beyond

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May 16, 2022

Electric Aircraft (EA) OEMs are racing to develop and certify new and exciting aircraft technology. EAs have the potential to bring air travel to a much wider community in the U.K. and Europe. But developing the technology is only the first step in launching electric aviation.

Getting operators to buy these novel aircraft, building the necessary ground infrastructure, and securing regulatory approval/commercialization represent three major hurdles—once EA technology has been proven out.

This third webinar in the series focuses on regulation/commercialization—what will it take to launch the era of electric aviation?

Key discussions in this webinar will include:

  • Certification: What will be the requirements for certifying operation of the electric aviation route?
  • EA operators: Manuals, training, maintenance, and support. Who will do this?
  • Aircraft reliability: What happens when an EA experiences technical problems?
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