COVID-19 air traffic recovery update: A view one year into the pandemic

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When we published our initial COVID-19 traffic recovery forecast back in 2020, the world was less than a month into a pandemic. Global aviation had nearly shut down, and we saw no encouraging signs on the horizon.

Fast forward to the present, and we see significant changes in consumer behavior, a surprisingly resilient global economy, and growing divergence on the pathway to recovery at both the country and industry level.

In this report, we present an updated COVID-19 traffic recovery forecast, which covers: 

  • A comparison to our first recovery forecast
  • A look ahead to what we expect will happen next
  • Recommended adaptations for the industry

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Meet the authors
  1. Carlos Ozores, Vice President and Managing Director, Aviation

    Carlos is a leading expert in air transport with more than 19 years of experience in aviation strategy and business planning. View bio

  2. Rob Walker, Principal, Aviation

    Rob has more than a decade of aviation experience across a wide range of markets and projects. View bio