Highlights from 2021 federal digital transformation report

Highlights from 2021 federal digital transformation report
Oct 5, 2021

"Note: This report is based on research conducted in 2021. Find our latest report with updated findings here."

Federal CIOs have embraced the need for digital transformation, but as 88% of federal employees say their agency’s digital initiatives are behind, many still struggle with how to make IT modernization a reality.

In our latest report, ICF’s chief technology officer Kyle Tuberson presents:

  • Compelling findings from our federal digital transformation survey
  • A clear vision for the future of digital government
  • Detailed tips for CIOs to plan, execute, and lead their organizations through IT modernization

About the survey

To better understand the key concerns and considerations of federal leaders as they drive digital transformation, ICF captured the sentiments of 500 federal full-time employees, with emphasis on target buyers and agency influencers in technology and IT-focused roles. These findings shed light on what federal employees think about digital transformation and the process of updating outdated infrastructure.

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Key findings

  • Modernization can be driven by technological investments including cloud-based infrastructure and low-code/no-code solutions—which an overwhelming 82% agree makes modernization possible.
  • Technological and cost benefits to modernizing the federal IT environment include increased security (58%) and increased reliability (54%), as well as cultural achievements: creating a culture of innovation (49%), improved usability for employees (48%), and improved service delivery to the public (47%).
  • Communication is a key cultural consideration, one that agency leaders need to make better use of in light of the alarming 60% who report their leadership does not consistently communicate about modernization efforts.
  • Indeed, 45% of employees say consistent communication is the most powerful way to overcome resistance to change, the most popular solution for change management.

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