How India can become a thriving gas trading hub


To reap the benefits of a thriving gas trading hub, India needs to understand and prepare for the implementation challenges ahead. Drawing from other countries' experiences will help India develop and accelerate its plans—and ensure they reflect its unique circumstances.

The US, EU, UK, and Australia have all been here before. What steps did they take along the way? How did they navigate policy, regulatory, and infrastructure challenges to become successful gas trading hubs?

Download this white paper to discover:

  • The key characteristics of effective gas market hubs
  • The three principles that must guide policy and regulatory development
  • The technical, infrastructure, and human factors behind flourishing hubs

India is already developing a framework and regulations to initiate a national gas trading hub—now is the time to start navigating the path to successful implementation.

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Meet the authors
  1. Gurpreet Chugh, Senior Consulting Director, Renewable Energy

    Gurpreet has nearly two decades of experience in the consulting, industry, and investment for the renewable energy space. View bio