Accelerating breakthroughs in the transition to clean energy

Accelerating breakthroughs in the transition to clean energy
Apr 21, 2023
Rising star Nima Simon challenges assumptions in her work to decarbonize the power sector and bring reliable, renewable power to all

Nima Simon loves to problem solve. With a degree in chemical engineering, she’s brought this essential skill to deliver groundbreaking work in several sectors—from academia and laboratory to transportation and power, with stints at a utility and General Electric as a gas turbine engineer.

Nima simon consulting

Now as our grid fuels and power supervisor, she works with clients to decarbonize the power sector. Helping tackle our worldwide climate change challenge one project at a time by bringing new and innovative solutions to energy production and storage.

Nima shares, “There are many challenges when trying to move away from traditional methods of power generation, but I enjoy the continuous opportunity to learn about new technology and project development.”

Analyzing alternative fuel sources

Nima’s experience with data analytics and managing new product introduction projects makes her a valuable partner to our energy clients. Like her work with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to analyze clean power, hydrogen, and long-duration storage markets to secure financing for its Advanced Clean Energy Storage (ACES) project—the world's largest clean hydrogen storage facility.

Nima says, “Hydrogen is an example of a relatively uncommon option for power production in the U.S.” But with recent federal actions, there’s a lot of support for new fuels such as hydrogen. These actions include DOE’s Hydrogen Shot Initiative—part of its larger Energy Earthshots Initiative to accelerate breakthroughs of more abundant, affordable, and reliable clean energy; the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law; and the Inflation Reduction Act.
Nima simon consulting

The DOE ACES project is essentially replacing a coal plant in Utah with a facility paired with gas turbines where the hydrogen is produced. Hydrogen will be blended incrementally into the turbines to provide power to the grid. Nima adds, “Eventually, more projects like this will displace fossil fuel options like coal and fossil natural gas facilities.”

For this groundbreaking work and her commitment to clean energy, Nima was named a 2023 Consulting Rising Star for Excellence in Energy Strategy Consulting.

Challenging norms

Nima embraces ICF’s value to challenge assumptions. She enjoys working with unfamiliar technology and learning about the project development and business side of the industry.

She also appreciates our emphasis on inclusivity, sharing, “As a woman of color working in the engineering field, it’s refreshing to see inclusivity is an integral part of our culture at ICF.”

And inclusivity is central to one of Nima’s long-term dreams: to one day see impoverished regions with the basic infrastructure in place to access reliable, renewable power.

“I believe there are lessons learned that we can all share in the energy community to help those regions in need. Having electricity can help with societal development and enhance education.”

Nima Simon

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