Our DevOps services are now available on AWS Marketplace

 Our DevOps services are now available on AWS Marketplace
Dec 6, 2021

We’re accelerating DevOps transformation by evaluating organizations’ continuous delivery practices, velocity of value delivered, quality of delivery, and cultures

DevOps is more than simply transforming technology. It considers both the cultural and technical aspects of enterprise technology delivery—with the goal of delivering services and applications more quickly than traditional software development and infrastructure management processes.

65% of [DevOps] mid-evolution organizations report using public cloud, yet only 20% of them are using cloud to its full potential.

Puppet's 2021 State of DevOps Report

As part of our digital transformation capabilities, we provide organizations with a 360-degree view of DevOps implementation—with consideration for business operations, cultural adoption, and technology implementation. Helping them evaluate continuous delivery practices. Assessing how they can overcome the burden of legacy technology and processes. And fully recognizing the return on investment from DevOps adoption. All while maximizing the use of cloud and automation and moving organizations to a higher phase of DevOps maturity.

And now ICF Next’s DevOps adoption assessment services are readily available through AWS Marketplace’s curated digital professional services catalog. We’re also an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with 250+ accredited team members and 160+ with associate, professional or specialty certifications.

Our addition to AWS Marketplace is an expansion of our technology partnerships with leading firms to bring solutions that offer a step change in productivity for our clients.

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