Brandy Bones named 2020 power player in management consulting

Brandy Bones named 2020 power player in management consulting
Jun 3, 2020
Business Insider recognizes ICF leader for helping communities prepare for and recover from natural disasters

Brandy Bones began her ICF career developing policies to assist the largest housing recovery program in U.S. history (in Louisiana, following Hurricane Katrina). And proved that she had a knack for navigating HUD’s Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) program. Her commitment to helping communities in crisis didn’t end there—she’s been on the ground helping state and local governments plan for and recover from almost every significant natural disaster since.

Which is why Business Insider recently named Brandy a consultancy star “disrupting the $130 billion industry and solving problems for clients in crisis.”

States turn to Brandy to tackle tough questions, like how to best move people out of their long-established homes on flood plains and at-risk areas.

A disaster management pioneer

With a background in urban planning, neighborhood revitalization, and affordable housing, Brandy pilots programs that help state and local governments rebuild and recover after major natural disasters. She also led the development of HUD’s CDBG-DR Launch toolkits. Today, grantees throughout the country use these toolkits as a go-to resource on running their recovery programs.

She also helps affected communities maximize funding resources to bolster economic opportunities for vulnerable populations. She specializes in voluntary buyout programs—where local governments use CDBG-DR funds to purchase properties, demolish structures, and maintain green spaces that protect surrounding neighborhoods. 

Expertise in safe and secure housing

Following Superstorm Sandy, Brandy worked with the team that helped New Jersey disburse $2.5 billion to municipalities, homeowners, landlords, and businesses. Work that helped 30,000 people return to their homes or relocate to safer areas. After the 2008 mortgage crisis, she was part of much the same team, this time to implement comprehensive neighborhood stabilization programs. Many of the recent relief programs Congress passed will have similar features to help counter the economic impacts of COVID-19.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created space for consultants and governments to partner together to analyze the delivery of social services that protect vulnerable populations,” said Brandy Bones.

From new CDBG-DR rules to buyouts to preparing small businesses for possible natural disasters, Brandy has been, and remains, the trusted expert. She is valued for her exceptional command of complex federal funding programs, of course. But also for her passion to truly help people get back on track as quickly as possible—and make communities stronger, more resilient, and more equitable. This is something her local community has known for years, watching her volunteer, fundraise, and serve in leadership positions for organizations that serve the homeless.

Congratulations, Brandy!

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