10 outstanding employees who embody our values

10 outstanding employees who embody our values
Jan 22, 2024

Our 2023 Lucky Award winners exemplify what it means to work boldly, inspire others, and make an impact

Each year we honor employees making great strides to build a more prosperous and resilient world for all through our annual Values Award, also known as our “Lucky Awards,” after ICF founder Tuskegee Airman Clarence “Lucky” Lester. Lucky Award winners unequivocally personify our purpose and values. They’re continuously proving themselves to be incredible stewards of our company, leaving a lasting impact on our clients and the programs they support and in communities we serve around the world.

2023 Lucky award winner alexandra headshot

Alexandria Scott, associate director for data quality control operations, proves how working together allows us to “be greater than” as we set industry-sought operation standards. She works with one of our National Institutes of Health clients and has grown her team over the past six years to address their needs while consistently finding opportunities to foster collaboration and new ideas. Due to her incredible leadership and relationship building, we’re co-authoring manuscripts, leading external training workshops, and helping our clients implement new reporting policies and procedures.

"As I reflect on my journey at ICF, I recognize that much of my success is shared with my incredible colleagues and mentors who bring purpose and passion to the work we do every day. I’m always amazed at how collaborative our culture is. There isn’t a solution we can’t reach when we merge our vast talents and capabilities."


2023 Lucky award winner amanda headshot

Amanda Maturi leads our bid operations in Europe and Asia and has been critical to our growth over the last decade as we attract new opportunities and identify new ways to solve clients’ complex challenges. She serves as a resource for others as she challenges assumptions in how we write proposals and leads trainings to equip others with the tools they need to become persuasive proposal writers. Thanks to Amanda’s work, we’ve submitted (and won!) many public policy and aviation bids.

“As we strive for future growth and securing larger contracts, I’m proud of the evolution of our proposal responses to clients, presenting the great strengths of ICF's experience, tools, and staff."


2023 Lucky award winner anitza headshot

Bringing her passion for leadership and collaboration to the forefront, Anitza Guadarrama-Tiernan is creating solutions that truly make a difference to communities who need it most. As peer group and event specialist/liaison to Puerto Rico, she supports the U.S. Administration for Children and Families’ Children’s Bureau with their work in Puerto Rico. Her commitment to children, young people, and families is evident in every aspect of her work and she’s shaping programs that will last for generations.

“I’m extremely proud to be a part of a company that embodies its core values in every project it undertakes, as evident in the transformational impact we make. I’m motivated by the amazing professionals I have the privilege to work with; their knowledge, skills, and commitment to improving the lives of children, youth, and families inspire me every day.”


2023 Lucky award winner Deb harris headshot

Deb Harris, senior director of climate change, has the unique ability to embrace differences, convene others, and catalyze action—all toward a common goal. Deb led the development of our proprietary technology tool CO2Sight from start to launch. CO2Sight is now utilized by our clients across the U.S. to map actionable and practical pathways to decarbonization.

“I highly value ICF’s mission-driven and collaborative culture. It’s the bedrock of ICF’s successes and mine. This unique culture allows us to do highly impactful work that is made all the better through the diverse expertise and perspectives we bring across teams.”


2023 Lucky award winner jerome headshot

Jerome Kisielewicz is a critical player in how we interact with integrity to grow our footprint in the European sustainable finance market. As director of sustainable finance and climate policy, his passion for climate and biodiversity policies has pushed us and our clients to meet aggressive sustainability goals. His deep commitment to protecting the environment inspires many to be greater than.

“ICF gave me the opportunity to remain at the forefront of the sustainability agenda, not shying away from challenging assumptions and exploring new perspectives. With that spirit in mind, I have been extremely lucky to work alongside passionate colleagues to develop new solutions to transform our society to a more sustainable model.”


2023 Lucky award winner Matt headshot

For 10 years, Matthew Brown has been upscaling business opportunities, helping us expand our digital modernization efforts for clients. As senior director of program management, he owns over $20M in client projects by working together with internal and external stakeholders to manage, streamline, and grow each project.

2023 Lucky award winner Monica headshot

In her role as a communications specialist, Monica Brito exemplifies what it means to be a “team player.” Through her work with the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, she challenges assumptions and supports workforce development communications and outreach. Her desire to be greater than results in stellar project outcomes and outstanding response to client demands to drive high-impact solutions for federal agencies.

2023 Lucky award winner Nick headshot

Nick Lange is our innovation strategy and services lead. Over the past four years, Nick has made a name for himself challenging us to think boldly about our capabilities and how we show up for clients. Focusing on how our employees and clients can interact with integrity in a changing digital environment, he leads our Generative AI initiatives. Through his guidance, we’re transforming how agencies and businesses use technology to meet and exceed their needs.

“At ICF, I’m not alone or dispirited by even the world’s biggest problems. Every day I get to work with highly committed, capable, and caring people to help find and make ‘positive possibilities’ into practical and impactful realities."


2023 Lucky award winner Neera headshot

Neera Bhandari, senior operations manager for our energy, environmental, and infrastructure businesses epitomizes how to bring your passion and be greater than, together. For 17 years, she’s been at the forefront of our team’s operations—from recruitment and training to finance and business strategy. She’s consistently growing our talented workforce in India and maintaining our competitive edge through an aggressive recruitment strategy and robust business practices.

“What excites me about working for ICF is the chance to create opportunities for personal growth. ICF provides a ground to explore these opportunities and fosters a nurturing environment to cultivate and refine skills, much like fertile soil yielding abundant harvests in a proverb. It’s a realm where one cultivates growth and success, and where leaders extend a helping hand on the journey to excellence.”


2023 Lucky award winner Oma headshot

Throughout her eight years with ICF, Oma Kessie has been challenging assumptions applying her excellent forensic skills as our director of internal audit. Leading processes and audits, standing up our enterprise risk management program, and inspiring her colleagues to seek more knowledge and information as they fulfill their duties, Oma safeguards and uplifts our business operations.

“One of the best things about working at ICF is the diversity in people, skills, and the type of work that we do—the opportunities for learning and growth are virtually endless. On top of that, the chance to work with incredibly competent people who are passionate about their work, makes ICF a great place to build a career."


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