About ICF

Joy Zins

Senior Director, Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency
Joy aligns demand-side management strategies for the commercial and industrial markets, driving energy conservation results and creating initiatives to reduce carbon emissions.

Joy is a certified energy manager with over 20 years of experience in commercial industries’ technologies and practices. Her focuses include commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning sales, building automation technology, and procurement activities for public entities across the country.

In her role, Joy works as a strategic advisor, helping commercial and industrial clients improve energy efficiency and shares best practices in implementation, technologies, and new program design. She specializes in program implementation of demand-side management and energy efficiency programs for utilities. She also manages multi-million-dollar programs with multi-disciplinary teams across core implementation, engineering, outreach, marketing, technology, and customer care.

In 2019, Joy served as the commercial and industrial market offering owner as part of a nationwide team. The collaboration advances our program capabilities across relevant markets, integrating energy efficiency offerings across distributed energy resources, including renewables, demand response, and electrification.

Joy’s core capabilities revolve around strategic thinking. She’s passionate about developing solutions and blueprints that support the energy industry’s advancement through education, policy, and adoption of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

"Utility programs provide tremendous benefits to people, communities, and businesses that transcend the primary goals of energy savings and carbon reduction. Workforce and skills development and training also provides supplemental welfare that supports new jobs, new skills and better quality of life."
  • M.S., Civil Engineering
  • Certified Energy Manager


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