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Ali Zaidi
Lead Managing Consultant - Learning and Skills

Ali is a Lead Managing Consultant who directs or manages most of ICF’s work in learning and skills. He has considerable knowledge of vocational and technical education, careers guidance, qualification development, teacher training and the functioning of the FE and qualification sector. He has led projects for clients such as DfE, the Education and Training Foundation, and the European Commission.

Most of Ali’s recent projects have aimed to support reforms to vocational and technical education. He managed an assessment of the supply of higher technical qualifications in England for the Department for Education, in order to support the Government review of these programmes. Additionally, Ali has also conducted regulatory impact assessments of the new A Level and GCSE reforms and evaluations of the FE Reform and FE Workforce programmes. For the European Commission he undertakes research and hosts events to support the implementation of a range of European vocational education policies and instruments.

Ali has been with ICF for over 10 years and before then worked in policy and planning for the Learning and Skills Council South East. He has a degree in mathematics and computer science and a Masters degree in software development.