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Joe Sunderland
Consulting Director

Joe Sunderland leads ICF’s European economics practice and has over 20 years of extensive and varied experience as an economist and policy specialist in economic regulation, competition policy and consumer policy. Joe has extensive experience in directing and managing complex projects and teams in the UK and Europe involving the development, design, appraisal and evaluation of economic policy solutions across a diverse range of areas including economic/utility regulation (water, energy, rail and other regulated consumer markets), competition policy and consumer policy. He has extensive experience in impact assessment and cost benefit analysis, and lead’s ICF’s UK work on better regulation (reducing red tape). Prior to joining ICF, Joe spent time in the UK Government (10 Downing Street, Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, HM Treasury, Ofgem) and in the Australian public and private sectors. Joe has a first class honours degree in economics from La Trobe University, Australia.

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Reports & Research
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