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Samir Succar
Director, Distributed Energy Resources

Samir leads ICF’s DER analytics group focused on long-term planning and energy market modeling. His work on distribution system planning has focused on the impacts of DERs on the distribution system and the quantification and valuation of the net locational benefits of those resources. His work also extends into the economics of increasing hosting capacity across a utility service territory to augment the amount DER that the system can accommodate. Samir’s work also includes distribution system operations and systems that can facilitate optimization and coordinated dispatch of DERs to enable their provision of grid support services and market functions across multiple timescales.

In addition, he has extensive experience in wholesale power markets modeling, power market supply-demand fundamentals, forward price curve assessments, and generation asset valuations. He has worked on a host of issues spanning ICF’s Commercial Energy practice including Mexico’s wholesale and retail electricity markets, power system modeling, energy storage, gas electric integration and wholesale market design. His transactional experience includes acquisition support for potential bidders, largely private equity and independent power producers (IPPs), and sellers of generation assets and portfolios.

Insights by Samir Succar