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LeAnne Rojas
Biologist, Fisheries and Wildlife
P.S.M., Water Resources Management, University of Idaho, College of Natural Resources and Environmental Science, 2017
B.S. Biological Conservation, California State University, Sacramento, 2010
LeAnne Rojas is a fisheries and wildlife biologist with nearly 7 years of experience conducting field and lab research, data entry and analysis, and document preparation. Before joining ICF in 2015, she conducted long-term biological monitoring and field studies for the State of California and Oregon watershed councils. At ICF, LeAnne supports senior technical staff within and beyond the Fish and Aquatic Science Team (FAST) through data entry and analysis, field and lab work, technical writing, and project coordination. Her recent work contributes to the California Waterfix effects analyses on at-risk fish species and impact analyses of water quality and agriculture in the Bay-Delta Plan Update.