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Peter Narbaitz
Senior Manager, Energy Markets
Peter specializes in supporting natural gas and electric utilities with strategic planning related to decarbonization and climate policy. He brings a valuable combination of technical, financial, and industry expertise to support companies navigating through the complex challenges and opportunities of a lower carbon future.

He helped develop a business plan for Washington Gas demonstrating how its distribution infrastructure could be leveraged to meet aggressive net-zero climate policy targets. He also led a project for the Canadian Gas Association showcasing the impacts of widespread electrification on the residential, commercial, industrial, transportation, and power generation sectors, which also highlighted a lower cost pathway to emissions reductions through greater integration of the gas and power sectors. Peter works regularly with gas utilities and investors to develop electrification and decarbonization scenarios, assess their impact on energy demand, and model the potential impacts and business risk to utilities.

Based out of Ottawa, Peter often works from the ICF headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, and has a strong understanding of North American energy markets. He helps organizations across the U.S. and Canada leverage the expertise that will make a difference for them. Peter has an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, and he is a licensed professional engineer and a certified energy manager.

Insights by Peter Narbaitz