About ICF

Colin Moody

Vice President, Business Development
Colin has more than 25 years of experience leading and executing successful business strategies and creating thought-leading workshops for clients that result in strategy design excellence and transformational results.

Colin has more than 25 years of experience leading and executing successful business strategies in business development, innovation, and marketing. He has delivered client programs and established businesses operating throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Colin excels in a free-thinking client environment. He designs and facilitates strategy brainstorms with ministers, civil servants, and c-suite executives in the private sector. His ability to stimulate, inspire, and translate content into high-performance design strategies has transformed how clients achieve their goals. Examples of his work include national and local economic development, international trade and foreign direct investment, climate mitigation and low carbon transition, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, innovation coaching, and services that support digital economy readiness.

Colin is proud to have helped his clients achieve huge impacts – driving carbon savings, transforming citizen behaviors for social causes, creating thousands of jobs, helping businesses grow through exports, and securing foreign direct investment. This was achieved through a commitment to our values and by providing prosperity for all in a more gender-balanced society that offers opportunities for disadvantaged groups.

Colin drives these outcomes by leading a business development team that pioneers solutions to client needs by harnessing the talent of subject matter experts in gender equality, strategic communications, urban development, and policy evaluation. This broad experience helps our clients innovate by augmenting ideas and best practices internally and from other industry sectors.