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Colin Moody
Vice President, Business Development

Colin helps governments to design and deliver business growth, innovation and international trade programmes. Programmes which have created over 80,000 new jobs, $4 Bn growth in GDP and identified over $5 Tr in exports. His experience covers work at the intersection of public policy implementation, commercial and academia in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Colin is also an innovation expert, designing and facilitating hundreds of strategy workshops for governments and their agencies, trade associations, universities and businesses throughout the world. His early career focused on delivering programmes which supported the promotion and uptake of energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental technologies with his work being featured in UK Government’s project of the year.

Colin designed the delivery model for the UK Government’s Growth Accelerator which supported 22,000 businesses, created 55,000 new jobs and grew the UK economy by £3.2 Bn. Colin managed the UK Government’s pioneering High Growth Markets Programme which identified $5 Tr in exports targeting 17 emerging global markets.

Colin developed the concept and delivery model for the European Investment Bank backed Accelerate Jordan, designed to support 175 of the country’s fastest growing, innovative companies to grow and export.

Colin holds a Masters degree in Energy in the Built Environment.