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Rakesh Maurya
Senior Manager, Energy Power Markets

Rakesh Maurya is a Manager in ICF’s Energy Advisory Solutions Practice with more than 10 years of work experience in the energy sector. He specializes in strategic analysis, distributed generation modeling, renewable generation interconnection and curtailment risk assessment, estimation of transmission congestion and losses and their effect on plant dispatch and cost benefits in power market. He is proficient in the use of Power System software tools like GE-MAPS©, ABB-PROMOD©, PowerWorld©, GE-PSLF© and Cymdist for design, planning and analysis of transmission and distribution systems.

Rakesh has performed numerous studies on renewable generation integration which involves analyzing the impact of renewable energy sources on the reliability of the electric grid and the power market operation. He has performed studies and qualitatively assessed the impact of regulatory orders and electricity market rules on renewable energy development and transmission expansion. He has extensive experience in data research and development, particularly in the area of pricing and operations in the power sector.

Insights by Rakesh Maurya