About ICF

Larry Luskin

Vice President, Survey Research
Larry is an expert in designing and leading initiatives with more than 20 years of experience.

Larry currently directs one of the largest survey research groups in the United States. He has experience designing and leading initiatives related to public health research, market research, employee engagement, climate, and culture. Larry is also well-versed in customer satisfaction and loyalty, management consulting, organizational development, strategic guidance, and performance improvement. His work spans the public and private sectors, focusing on methodologically complex and high profile studies—such as our work on the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System surveys, the National Youth Tobacco Survey, and the National Science Foundation surveys of universities and non-profit research organizations.

Larry has personal expertise in survey design and statistical analysis and uses data to help organizations make impactful decisions. He is proficient in several statistical analysis programs and is a trained focus group moderator and group facilitator. Larry is active in several industry organizations and is currently serving as an expert discussant and chairperson. He has presented numerous papers at national conferences.

"The old ways of collecting data are becoming obsolete. We need to challenge ourselves to stay grounded in science while finding new ways of collecting data and meeting people where they are."